Friday, July 9, 2010

JUNE 26, 2010

We took advantage of the warmth by going to the beach with Daddy!

Later that night ... MY FAMILY ROLLED INTO TOWN!!!! What was even more exciting is that my brother Brandon came with them! My Dad took a wrong turn and was on the phone with me when he asked Brandon a question ... I thought he just called a kid by the wrong name (my parents do that) but in truth he was actually talking to Brandon. The surprise was about 30 seconds premature, but I was still shocked to see him hop out of the car!!

The cutest part of the whole night was my little niece Sydney so excited because she was in "Cadada" (I think she was mostly excited to be done driving!)

I gave a tour of my house, visited for a little bit and went to sleep at 1:00AM


Peter and Mandy said...

You guys have so much fun at your house. There's a little water park near our house that we have yet to take some children too. We went to McDonalds last time we were in charge of the nieces...they didn't complain.

Fred ... said...

Yes, we were all glad to be out of that car. I was never so glad to see a bed and you had them all fixed up so nicely. The beginning of a very fun week.

Fred ... said...

Just think Mandy, it won't be long before you're taking "squirt" to the water park.