Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family comes: DAY 4

Alright I am back from our family reunion and I have 2 days until I leave on our next adventure!!! This is getting really hard to catch up, but the blog will go on :-)


For Canada day 2010 the entire family packed up the cars and the house and headed East towards Rosemary. How to explain Rosemary ....
-I lived there until I was 9
-before we moved the population was 317 (it has grown a little bit, but not much)
-it is where I have all of my first memories
-for being little they sure know how to celebrate Canada Day!!!

We figured it would be fun to head back to our roots and see the sights, visit the people, and bask in the joy of nostalgia. I loved being able to spend time in the town of my childhood. I recognized a lot of people and was surprised that the look and feel of Rosemary hasn't changed a bit!! It is such a quaint beautiful little town and I couldn't help but smile the entire day! The weather cooperated with us and was sunny and bright the whole time.

I enjoyed showing Justin our old home, different groves, trees, gutters, houses, and streets that held memories for me. I got a lot of great pictures and had a really hard time narrowing it down!!!

A really cool thing about Rosemary is how many people actually come back for Canada day, so it was easy to run into friends :-) We had so much fun!!!

Following Rosemary we drove to Lethbridge to meet up with my Aunt Fara, and cousins (Kari and Barrett) for dinner before we continued into Waterton. I loved having the time to chat with my Aunt Fara (I don't see her often) and see her interact with my dad. I love my family!

2 of the cutest boys you're ever going to find!!!

... and they loved each other too!

this is the house I lived in. I have sooo many memories in and around this house! They haven't changed anything about it (except the front porch) since we moved 18 years ago. We kept it in better condition though.

HAD to include this picture ... check out Landon's face watching Sydney and Serene eating their ice cream :-) (tooooo funny)

THIS is a FUNNY story I HAD to include. One of my favorite stories to tell Justin were about the swing set that Rosemary got while I was a kid. I was so impressed with them because they were soooo big! Seriously Justin, they were like 12 feet high and weren't very close to the ground either! They were just the biggest things I have ever seen and I can't believe a small town like Rosemary would get such great tire swings! I wish you could see them, they are awesome, and sooo tall! You can do anything on them!!!

these are the "biggest tire swings you'll ever see"
Oh how an adult perspective can change everything!!!

some awesome pictures with my sisters

My dad and his sister

and finally...
in honor of Canada Day!!!


Peter and Mandy said...

Gosh girl you are really busy.

Lynn said...

It was really nice to meet up with your family on Canada Day. So happy to see such good reports from everyone about their day there in Rosemary.

That is so funny about the Tire Swings....

Fred ... said...

What a fun and exhausting day. Thank you for making it all happen.

Lisa said...

It was an awesome day! Landon's face cracks me up :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Can't get over the ice cream one... haha poor Landon!

Alicia said...

Busy Bee... best way to be sometimes. Loved the kids canada flag hats and shirt. It was cool seeing where you lived. I love ya girl... have fun and be safe. Love the blog!!