Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super Random post

This is a totally random post, but I wanted to share some of our everyday life that we have been up to ... and some cute (and funny) pictures that I have gotten of the boys!!

The Backyardigans on stage
I think it would have been a lot more magical if we weren't on the very back row, but it was still fun regardless. Evans face was soo cute as he watched some of his favorite characters come to life right before his eyes :-)


Anyone who really knows me knows that I am girl who loves her trucks! I drove a truck in high school, my dream car is my truck (I mean Justin's truck *tear*). We stopped by Daddy's work the other day and this was parked out front. I said to everyone there ... what is the point? I mean don't get me wrong, that is one of the MOST beautiful machines I have ever seen ... but it is own by a normal guy that works in the building. Then my friends told me the BEST part.

This truck is the truck from the transformers movie. Not a replica of the truck in the transformers movie, but THE actual truck. This big fella is a movie star!!!! I had to get my picture taken with it after that!!!! Can you imagine how much it costs???

The Zoo

Had to share a picture of Evan's outfit. My mom sent it to him and I just think it is the cutest thing ever! I loves being a pirate!

Evans favorite thing to do at the zoo is to chase the peacocks in his wheelchair.

Oh yea ... check out these skills!

Fun in the Bath

2 months old!!!


Video #1- Every time I need to leave the room to do/get something I ask Evan to "babysit" for me. He loves having a job to do and takes it very seriously! The other day I needed to get a bottle for Landon and asked him to watch the baby. I came upstairs to this ... when I turned the camera off he knew that his job was done and pushed Landon toward me saying ... " here mama!"

Dialogue in the video:
"Come here baby Landon"
"Come here Landon"
"here you go ... Your Welcome"
"Sorry Landon ... oh Thank you"

Video #2- Evan's "Foot Phone"


Carla McDaniel said...

that is a great truck!!! lucky you.
the foot favorite!!

Linz said...

Awesome truck, awesome foot phone! Seriously...wish I could get me one of those! Your boys are adorable.

Lisa L said...

Loved both of the video's!!!

Lowdogg said...

The truck is pretty awesome. I love the Autobot logo on the tailgate.

Gate videos too. I love it when Evan pulls Landons face over.

Erin said...

dude! where can i get an evan foot phone? ;)

Sarah said...

So cute!! Don't you love being a mom. The truck is pretty cute too.

Amanda Palmer said...

How cute!! Evan is such a special little boy. The way he turned Landon's head to get the pacifier in...just to cute!! I love them and am glad I get to be their aunt

Fred ... said...

I love the truck. I also love when Evan pulls Landons face around. How funny.